About Us

JCB Aero was founded in 1987 by Mr. Jean Claude Beaudet.  With nearly 30 years of existence the industry saw creative and unique production attested to JCB Aero being a leader to exceed customer demands and a lasting commitment to delivering products of the highest quality.

The company was acquired in May 2016 by AMAC Aerospace as the new sole owner of JCB Aero.  Moving from a family orientated ownership was important to Mr. Beaudet and when AMAC Aerospace showed interest in the acquisition of JCB Aero, Mr. Beaudet was happy to see the transfer move to yet another family oriented business being AMAC Aerospace, a Group of Companies. Led today by Mr. Eric Cagnat, JCB Aero is in a new transit of operations. The company is located near Toulouse on a private airport, Auch Airport – with 10’000sqm2 of hangar space, workshops and engineering offices, JCB Aero is a leading company in Cabin Interiors for both fixed wing and rotor wing crafts.

JCB Aero’s success is based on the highly skilled craftsmen dedicated to producing work of the finest quality but also of its high level of Engineering Modification Capabilities.  This has led to the development of several long term client relationships: for VIP aircraft, JCB Aero collaborates with prestigious companies like Dassault Aviation for the manufacturing of the F7X cabins and already for AMAC Aerospace with regard to composite production, Eurocopter, Agusta Westland and private owners of BBJ (Boeing B737 series) and ACJ (Airbus A320F series).  The company has also earned the trust of key players in the airliner market, such as GECAS, Airbus and Emirates…

To ensure quality and efficiency, JCB Aero is able to accomplish all in house design, manufacturing and installations of the aircraft cabin interiors desired.

Manned with experienced professionals, JCB Aero is the right partner for Aircraft Cabin refurbishments, able to provide cabin modifications in Major/Minor environments, IFE Upgrades and also has the capacity to work with new materials such as Carbon composites.

Gender pay Gap France –
Index égalité femmes-hommes France

JCB Aero, a member of AMAC Aerospoace group of companies is committed to continue and reinforce its position as an equal opportunity employer. In the scope of the Gender Pay Gap reporting applied to the companies in France,  the JCB Aero result for 2021 is 75 points (highest score being 100 points). 25/40 points obtained in the pay gap section – 35/35 points obtained in the individual increase gap section – 15/15 points obtained in the return from maternity leave section – 0/10 points obtained in the top 10 pay section.

L’entreprise JCB Aéro, membre du Groupe AMAC Aerospace, est soucieuse de poursuivre et de renforcer une politique en faveur de l’égalité des chances et de traitement des salarié(e)s. Concernée par l’index EGAPRO, JCB Aéro a obtenu un score global pour 2021 de 75 (sur 100 points). 25/40 points obtenus dans la rubrique écart de rémunération – 35/35 points obtenus dans la rubrique écarts d’augmentations individuelles – 15/15 points obtenus dans la rubrique retour de congé maternité – 0/10 point obtenu dans la rubrique des 10 plus hautes rémunérations.