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The group JCB Aero, now aligned with BEAUDET Aviation, celebrated in September the one-year anniversary of the launch of its sister company based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Following a busy 12 months, the French/American combination is now able to present conjointly its capacities and newly customized products on the occasion of NBAA. Strengthening relationships with JCB Aero’s customers overseas, the newly built BEAUDET Aviation and its most important achievements those last few months, pave the way to combined synergies for future accomplishments on both sides of the Atlantic.



BEAUDET Aviation, JCB Aero ‘s Little Rock site gets rolling


JCB Aero opened a US facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, close to Dassault Falcon’s completion center less than a year ago. Based upon the organization and the success of its French sister company (JCB Aero), BEAUDET Aviation provides aircraft cabin refurbishment and reconfiguration services. Specialized in aircraft interiors, the facility already has on-site cabinetry, upholstery, fiberglass and very soon paint shops and can provide complete cabin interiors. Investment is gearing up to shorten manufacturing cycle, including the addition of hangar and production spaces and tooling. By developing additional varnishing processes, increasing man power and investing in new equip- ment Beaudet Aviation will soon be able to comply with its customers’ most elaborate demands. The workforce now stands at 30 employees. The current recruitment plan will bring the headcount to 50 by year-end and 100 late in 2016 with the substantial support and incentives of the city of LR and the State of Arkansas.

BEAUDET Aviation craftsmen were chosen and trained by the famous « Compagnons du Tour de France» whose prestigious reputation has allowed them to gain the confidence of renowned companies and be chosen by Dassault for completion work on Dassault Falcon Jet’s new Falcon models.

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JCB Aero / BEAUDET Aviation and DASSAULT : a long standing partnership

avion-tarmacMuch of BEAUDET Aviation’s incentive to settle in Little Rock was fueled not only by the excellent Arkansans workforce and State support but also by the vicinity of Dassault Falcon Jet facilities. The first 2 shipsets of Falcon 2000 interiors have already been shipped across to US operation and the 3rd one has just been started. Under its contract with DFJ, BEAUDET Aviation plans to deliver a total 5 this year and 12 next year.

“It is the latest stage in the company’s 10-year association with the iconic French executive jet manufacturer”
declared Jean Claude Beaudet to journalists at Flight Global News last April. Starting with small items of cabin interiors such as panels, JCB gradually built up its reputation and now provides complete interiors for the Falcon 2000 and 7X both in France and US.

JCB Aero performs a nose-to-tail B757 refurbishment

It is now finishing the refurbishment of an entire Boeing 757 interior which is planned to be delivered in a few days from the facility in the South West of France. “This is the first nose to tail refurbishment we have performed at our Auch facility” CEO Jean Claude Beaudet told AIN at Ebace last show. It includes everything from carpet to galleys, lavatory, seats and IFE and will be of the finest and latest design.

Furniture on display at NBAA on our BOOTH C13031

JCB Aero will be promoting some custom-finished furniture.
A piece of furniture that combines a pop up TV and a storage place shall be on display at NBAA booth. The group will show off this prototype as an application of its ability in terms of light composite structure and innovative assembly technology: moreover, “thanks to molded wood and new fibers, we’ve been able to obtain a significant and very attractive reduction of weight” says D.B, production manager at JCB Aero, France. An upholstered back shell will also be exposed: it will highlight the craftsmen capabilities in terms of multi material design and finishing. The structure of the mock up back shell is covered with a carbon fabric material that beautifully adapts the contours and curves of the seat back, thus enhancing all the talents gathered in that very skill: maintaining a regular and continuous weaving (aspect) despite the curves requires a high degree of competence. Additionally, by means of careful varnishing on top of it all, the focus on the esthetic high quality standards is fulfilled.