JCB Aero is a skilled and experienced company in Aicraft modification, VIP & Airlines, fixed and rotary wings. With its own Engineering office and Airworthiness office, its team of CV Engineers and high level of Project Management, JCB Aero is able to handle full work package. JCB Aero engineers are all graduates of  French  great engineering schools like ENAC, ENI , in Tarbes or Centrale in Paris. Up to now JCB Aero has performed a large number of modifications, including  several STCs.

JCB Aero customers are MROs, Airlines and OEMs, private A/C owners, Lessors (leasing companies)  for:
1.   Cabin refurbishing, cabin reconfiguration, partial or total ranging from seats reconditioning to providing the full certified solution for a complete cabin upgrade such as cabin lay out rearrangement, galleys modifications, lavatories upgrades.
2.    Communication and entertainment systems upgrades from the latest state of the art for communications systems to the most practical retrofit IFE installation. JCB Aero will be able to define and propose the most effective retrofit solutions while ensuring the best level of comfort to your passengers.
3.    Cabin lighting systems including the latest technologies, to be easily retrofitted and further enhance passengers comfort while easing the system’s maintainability.