Turnkey solutions

Hangar Capabilities, PART 21J, PART 21G and PART 145 will provide full flexibility for turnkey  solutions both for VIP  Aircraft and Commercial Airliners for:

  • On site Cabin Survey
  • Preliminary Studies: lopa…
  • Design Definition
  • Trim and Finish
  • Engineering: mechanical and electrical
  • Equipment Qualification: DO160, flammability, weight, ELA, stress, mechanical, electrical and water tests
  • Installation Substantiation: structure, electrical, cabin safety, paint
  • Certification Dossier under PART 21J (DOA): change and repair classification (minor modifications or STCs), certification program, compliance report, Certification Review Item (CRI),  EASA/FAA compliance matrix
  • Parts Manufacturing under PART 21G
  • Parts Refurbishing under PART 145
  • Kits Preparation and Delivery under EASA Form 1 (PART 21G and PART 145)
  • Service Bulletin and Job Cards
  • On site Cabin Installation Follow-up
  • Supplement Manuals such as AMM, IPC, AWM, ASM, AFMS, CAOM and CMM
  • Continued Airworthiness

JCB Aero Team performs the whole project management in conjunction with the Customer, the Local Aviation Authority, the Aircraft manufacturer and the OEM