CNC Machining

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(Computer Numerical Control machining)

JCB Aero is equipped with CNC machining  able to combine multiple tools into a single  cell for:

  • Accuracy
  • Cost and time saving tasks
  • Reduction of loss of raw materials
  • Safer work environment

In the most efficient way JCB Aero produces parts that would normally take multiple steps to manufacture. The 3/5 axis milling machines and slicing machines via a postprocessor cut, shape and feature up to the most complex parts like:

  • Tooling for composite parts
  • Moulds (composite, foam)
  • Composite parts
  • Raw materials (honeycomb panels and foams)
  • Metal parts
  • Foam
  • Complex curved geometries like curved panels, drawers, wooden parts, plexiglass mirrors…

In collaboration with Dassault, JCB Aero has developed a new machining system for the manufacturing of furniture that makes it highly competitive on the current market.