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JCB Aero has  a 30-year experience in composite manufacturing of:

  • Sandwich panels, flat and curved (design values available on request)
  • Composite moulds
  • Pipes
  • Acoustic Panels
  • Structural and Decorative Composite parts
  • Monolithic panels / sandwich panels

Within its 3 composite shops JCB Aero is fully equipped with reliable and modern machines:

  • Autoclave
  • Vaccuum ovens
  • Sanding units
  • Air conditionned curing units
  • Low temperature storage equipment
  • Vaccum pump

In the manufacturing of composite panels, JCB Aero is used to working with various raw materials:

For moulds: wood, machinable board foam, infusion (fiberglass, carbon), hextool, aluminum

For sandwich panels:

  • Core: Nomex, Aluminum Nida, Foam
  • Skin: Fiberglass, Carbon, Kevlar
  • Fiberglass-carbon, Hybrid, Aluminum

Technologies: Prepreg, Infusion