Metal and systems

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The metal shop deals with:

  • Preforming of basic aircraft metallic parts (steel, aluminum)
  • Machining, integration of metallic parts into monuments
  • Designing and manufacturing of structural parts involving and permitting modification of the aircraft structure in compliance with aviation regulations.
  • Assembling monument parts such like:
    – Mechanical components
    – Corners and brackets
    – Door locks or seal systems
    – Sinks
    – Corner profiles
    – Water systems
    – Pipe systems

JCB Aero deals with the treatment of metallic parts that can be given an aspect of:

  • Gold,
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • … or any other nuances

Our company holds all the necessary equipment and tooling enabling such performance:

  • Folders
  • sheet roll bender
  • Thermal heat treatment oven
  • Welding machines