Lacquering and Painting

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With its 2 paint shops, JCB Aero performs painting, varnishing and finishing works that will take into account individual tastes and needs.

The Painting and Finishing shop for:

  • Interior surface preparation
  • Structural painting of primary parts like composite or metallic parts and monument panels
  • Exquisite aircraft interior finishing of marble/wood effect or various artistic decoration patterns

The Varnishing and Covering shop:

Always aiming at meeting the customer’s expectation, JCB Aero has also achieved great mastership in the varnishing of an unlimited range of select hardwood species:

  • Silk mat surface
  • High gloss effect
  • Special wood tone

JCB Aero’s varnish processes are recognized as the best ones on the existing VIP market thus allowing successful refurbishment of the highest quality for leading companies like:

  • Boeing
  • Dassault (Dassault Falcon 7X cabin)
  • Embraer

For 15 years, JCB Aero has been developing stable and reliable PU varnish processes that are particularly distinguished in terms of their resistance to milky effect and cracking.

What’s more, our experts are currently studying to achieve new varnishing processes that do not only keep up with the highest standard of quality but enable a reduction of the varnishing cycle.